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Getting Started

Step 1

Cover a 14 x 1/2 inch round cake board with Satin Ice White Rolled Fondant.  Finish edge with ribbon, if desired.  Bake one cake using the 11 x 3 inch Round Cake Pan by Magic Line and two cakes using the 12 x 2 inch Hexagon Cakes Pan by Fat Daddio's.  Allow to cool.  

Apply a thin layer of white buttercream icing (crumb coat) to the round cake.  Cover cake immediately with Satin Ice Yellow Rolled Fondant.  Place cake on covered cake board.

Step 2

Lattice, Stars and Orange BorderCreate lattice design using CelShapes Lattice Mold by CelCakes.  Press Satin Ice Green Rolled Fondant into lattice mold.  Repeat with Satin Ice Blue Rolled Fondant.  Make three green and three blue lattice pieces.  Adhere lattice to cake using a waterbrush

For the stars, use a 50/50 mix of prepared Mexican Paste by GSA and Gumpaste by Satin Ice.  Press into CelShapes Snowflake Mold by CelCakes.  Mold six medium and six large stars.  Adhere the medium stars to the bottom tier with a waterbrush.  Reserve the six large stars for the top of the carousel cake.  

Roll out a thin rope of Satin Ice Orange Rolled Fondant and place around bottom of cake.  Using the FMM bone tool, press down to create indentations along the rope.

Step 3

Center Pedestal

Place two 4 x 2 inch Round Half Separator Cake Dummies on top of each other.  Adhere the cake dummies together with a piece of moistened fondant.  Cut a large dowel rod to size (Dowel must be long enough to go through round cake to bottom cake board, through the center of the 4x4 inch separator dummy with enough dowel left to support top of carousel).  Push dowel through pedestal.  Cover pedestal (separator dummies) with Satin Ice Blue Rolled Fondant.  Using the CelShapes Stems and Stamen Mold by CelCakes and 50/50 mix created above to create the shapes on the center of the pedestal.  Paint with a mix of Gold Highlighter by GSA and alcohol.  Apply shapes to pedestal using a waterbrush.  Press pedestal with the dowel rod into the center of the bottom tier.

Step 4


Mark out one inch from outer edge of the cake for placement of dowel rods for horses.  Form rope of yellow and rope of white fondant.  Wrap ropes around GSA buttercream dowel rods.  Press gumpaste into Horse Mold by Karen Davies.  Unmold and allow to dry.  Decorate with assorted petal and luster dusts, as desired.  Attach horses to covered poles using a small amount of moistened gumpaste.  Allow to dry completely.  Place dowels in the spaces marked on carousel surface.  Cut poles flush with the top of the pedestal. 

Step 5

Carousel Top

Cut a 19 x 14 inch Double Wall Greaseproof Half Sheet Cake Board to fit the hexagon-shaped cake.  Make a hole in the center of the cake board for the dowel rod to prevent the top tier from shifting.  Stack hexagon cakes.  Measure three inches from the bottom of the cake and carve cakes at an angle to create the tent shape.  Place the hexagon cake on top of dowel.  Apply a thin layer of buttercream to cake.  Roll out Satin Ice Red Rolled Fondant and Satin Ice white rolled fondant.  Cut out three red and three white triangles to cover the sides of the carousel top.  Roll out a thin rope of Satin Ice green rolled fondant and place where the red and white triangles meet.  Place a small ball of green fondant in the center where the triangles meet.

Step 6

Crowns and Medallions

Roll out thin pieces of Satin Ice red rolled fondant and Satin Ice blue rolled fondant mixed with Tylose Powder.  Cut out crowns using the Crowns Patchwork Cutter Set.  Allow to dry and place along the top of the carousel.  For the corner medallions, use  Medallion Set 4 Mold by First Impression and Satin ice orange rolled fondant.  Unmold and immediately attach with a waterbrush while the fondant is still pliable.  Place top tier on top of pedestal, making sure yellow and white poles are flush with the bottom of the top tier.

Step 7

Scrolls and Flag

Roll out a thin piece of the 50/50 mexican paste and gumpaste mix.  Cut out the scrolls using the JEM Scrolls and Pansy Cutter.  Paint with a mix of alcohol and GSA gold highlighter.  Allow to dry and place along the bottom of the crown using a little gumglue.  Adhere the previously made reserved large stars to the crown using a little gumglue.  Use a Scriber Needle Modeling Tool to mark where 4mm Gold Dragees will be placed.  Adhere dragees to crowns and inside stars with a waterbrush.  

Create flagpole by folding a two inch piece of paper covered wire - 18 gauge white in half, and covering with yellow fondant.  Roll out a thin piece of red fondant mixed with Tylose Powder and cut out two triangles for the flag.  Glue to the pole with a waterbrush.  Attach an 8mm Gold Dragee to the top of the pole with a waterbrush. 

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