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Puppy Dog Onesie Cake

Getting Started

Step 1

Bake two Premium White Cake Mix by CK in Baby One-Piece Plastic Pan by CK according to package and pan instructions. Allow to cool completely on a wire rack. Cover a Square 14 x 14 x 1/2 Inch Cake Board with Pastel Baby Blue Rolled Fondant. Apply a thin layer of White Buttercream Icing to cooled cake. Cover immediately with Pastel Green Rolled Fondant. Place cake on covered board.

Step 2


Highlight seam areas of arms, neck , leg and snap closure openings with PME Design Wheeler to simulate stitching. Roll out green fondant with a rolling pin. Using FMM Sugarcraft Multi-Ribbon Cutter, cut strips of fondant approximately 1/3 inch wide. Apply to arm, neck, leg and snap closure areas with a waterbrush to "reinforce" seams, trimming to fit. Highlight seams with design wheeler. Cut additional fondant to reinforce snap closure flap and apply with a waterbrush. Highlight seams on snap closure flap with design wheeler. Using small end of Round Tip #1A, cut out three circles of green fondant. Apply circles to snap closure area with a waterbrush. Finish "snaps" by pressing 5mm Silver Dragees into each fondant circle.

Step 3

Puppy Dog

Roll out white rolled fondant with a rolling pin. Print template and use as a guide to cut out puppy dog face, ears and paws. Apply paws and face to cake with a waterbrush.

Step 4


Cut a sheet of Spring Variety Designer Prints Edible Image into smaller sections and adhere to ears with a waterbrush. Trim to fit. Apply ears to cake with a waterbrush.

Step 5

Nose and Tongue

Roll out Fondarific Hot Pink Rolled Fondant. For tongue, cut a small, "U"-shaped piece of fondant, pinch on one end to pucker and attach to cake with a waterbrush. Mold Fondarific Black Rolled Fondant into a soft-edged triangle shape for nose. Apply with a waterbrush. Highlight edges of nose with design wheeler.

Step 6

"Stitching", Eyes and Whiskers

Create "stitching" on face and paws by outlining them with Americolor Gourmet Writer Food Decorating Pen. Press black rolled fondant into round button section of Buttons Mold by Sunflower Sugar Art. Freeze briefly until set. Unmold and apply to cake with a waterbrush. For whiskers extrude black fondant from Sugarcraft Gun. Roll fondant into four small balls and attach four strands of black fondant to each ball by pressing together. Apply to cake with a waterbrush. Adorable!

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