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Summer Fun Beach Cake

Step 1

Bake a 1/4 sheet cake using the Fat Daddio's 9x13x2 inch rectangle cake pan. Allow to cool.

For the sand, mix Satin Ice dark chocolate rolled fondant with Satin Ice white rolled fondant. Roll out and place on the uncovered side of the cake, having the ocean meet with the sand. Use the Fat Daddio's Large Serrated crimpers to give it a sandy looking texture. Mix Satin Ice baby blue rolled fondant with Satin Ice white rolled fondant. In order to achieve the ocean look, do not completely combine the colors. Allow some of the white to remain visible in the blue fondant. Roll out and place the fondant at an angle across the cake, so that only half is covered with the blue "ocean".

Step 2

Cover a 1/2 x 13 3/4 x 18 3/4 inch cake board the same way you covered the cake. Place the covered cake on top. Mold waves using the First Impression underwater set and gumpaste. Gently unmold and place where the ocean and sand join.

Step 3

Create the deck chair, umbrella and yacht using the Jem cutters.

For the deck chair:

Cut out 4 - 1.5 inch pieces of 20 gauge wire. Roll a small peasize ball of gumpaste and gently roll it onto the wire using your fingers. Finish rolling out on your work surface until the wire is evenly covered with the gumpaste. Let dry.

Step 4

Roll out a piece of brown gumpaste (can be created by adding Americolor chocolate brown with Satin Ice gumpaste). Cut using the two side piece cutters. The side pieces need to be thick for added strength so make sure the gumpaste fills the cutters. To prevent distortion allow to air dry in the cutters. Remove with a pin tool. Leave to dry completely.Place a covered wire in the hole of one side piece. Ease the other side piece in position. Repeat the same process until the wires in the chair are assembled. You may have to place the chair between two pieces of foam and allow to dry before moving. Using the smallest center in the JEM daisy centers, mold gumpaste and glue to the chair to hide the holes where the wire was placed.

Step 5

Roll out a piece of gumpaste. With a waterbrush, glue a Lucks edible image summer variety pattern to the gumpaste. Cut using the canvas cutter. Drape over the top and bottom wire of the deck chair. Allow to dry.

Step 6

For the umbrella:

Cover a 5.5 inch 20 gauge wire (or uncooked spaghetti) the same way as the wires for the deck chair were covered. Roll out a piece of colored gumpaste and cut using the triangle cutter in the JEM umbrella cutters. Place on the lightly greased former. Ensure that the joins are neat. Roll out a thin rope of paste and place along the joins. Allow to dry.

Step 7

*You may use the Lucks Edible image summer variety to create a fun pattern on the umbrella.

Once dry, remove from the former and place a ball of gumpaste into the center of the umbrella using gumglue. Place the wire in the center of the umbrella, adhering with gumglue. Keep the wire straight and secure with styrofoam or sponge. Allow to dry completely .

Step 8

For the yacht:

Cover two each- 20 mm 5 inch pieces with gumpaste, the same way as you did for the chair and umbrella. Mold the hull using the boat mold and brown gumpaste. Remove excess gumpaste with a palette knife. Remove from mold with a pin tool. Make a mark where the mast will be placed (about 2 inches from the back of the boat). Allow the hull to dry.

Step 9

Roll out a thin piece of gumpaste and cut using the sail cutters. Allow to dry. Dust with marine blue and flame dusts.

Step 10

To create the stripes, roll out a thin piece of gumpaste and cut using the JEM strip cutters. The numbers were created using gumpaste and the Patchwork cutters small numbers set. Attach to the sails with a waterbrush.

Step 11

Attach the dried sails to the wire with gumglue. Allow to dry and place in the marked spots on the hull. You may need to place sponge under the sails to keep them from slanting. Remove when dry.

Step 12

The flamingo was created using the First Impression Flamingo mold. Fill mold with gumpaste, remove excess and place in freezer for 1-2 minutes. Gently unmold and place on a piece of 20 gauge floral wire. Allow to dry. Dust with GSA cosmos, GSA carnation and ivory dusts. Color beak and add black accents with Americolor black food writing pen. For the inner tube, color gumpaste with Americolor electric green soft gel paste. Roll into a rope and create a donut, gluing the two ends together with gumglue. Allow to dry. Draw on dots using Americolor food coloring pen.

Step 13

The little girl was created by rolling a teardrop shape of skin colored fondant. Using the same skin colored fondant, roll a thin rope for the arm. With an x-acto knife, create finger. Mold wrist and elbows with your hands. Attach to the teardrop with a waterbrush.

Step 14

For the bathing suit, roll and cut out a swimsuit shape of colored gumpaste. Attach with a waterbrush.

Step 15

Mold the face using Sunflower Sugar Art girl and boy face and gumpaste. Color with assorted GSA dusts. Attach to the body with a waterbrush.

Step 16

*Place a piece of wire in or behind the head to add support.

The beach blanket was created by rolling out a thin piece of electric green colored gumpaste. Cut into a rectangle. The white frills were created by rolling a thin rope of white gumpaste. Slightly flatten and cut frills with an x-acto knife. Adhere to the blanket with a waterbrush. The beach pail and shovel were molded with gumpaste;using the Celshapes garden molds. To create the 3D bucket, mold two each. Glue a piece of 24 gauge wire with waterbrush to the center of one bucket. Adhere the second one on top of the first with a waterbrush. Allow to dry. Color with riding hood and orange dusts.

Step 17

The bag was created with the Patchwork bag and shoe cutters. Roll out a thin piece of gumpaste and cut two of the same bag. Attach as you did the bucket. To add the 3d dimension, cut out different colored pastes with the cutter and adhere to the bag with a waterbrush. Adhere the GSA sea creatures royal icing decorations on the cake using a waterbrush. For the bubbles near the fish, mold using gumpaste and the First Impressions underwater set.

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