Fashion Diva

Fashion Diva

Any young fashionista will love this pale pink cake complete with fashion bag, outfits and accessories. gumpaste cutter
Fashion Diva

How To Make It

Fashion Diva

Getting Started

Step 1

Bake an 8 x 4 inch round cake using Fat Daddio's 8x4 inch round cake pan. Allow to cool completely. Apply a thin layer of Buttercream Icing by CK Products. Cover immediately with Satin Ice pastel pink rolled fondant. Mix Americolor deep pink soft gel paste and Satin Ice white rolled fondant to create a deeper shade of pink fondant. Cover an 11 inch round cake board with tinted fondant. Place cake on covered board.

Step 2


Roll out a thin piece of Mexican Paste and cut clothing shapes using Fashion Girl Patchwork Cutters. To achieve the layered look, color additional Mexican paste with various Americolor soft gel paste colors. We used Electric Yellow, Electric Purple and Warm Brown. Cut out base piece in one color, embossing gently with cutter. Cut out separate sections of the outfits using the cutter and place outfit pieces like pieces of a puzzle on top of base piece. Adhere with a waterbrush.

Paint sections of clothing with desired shades of GSA Twinkle Dust mixed with clear alcohol. Place around the sides of the cake using a waterbrush.

Step 3

Pearl Border

Roll pastel pink fondant into a rope and press into 8mm Perfect Pearls by First Impressions making sure to completely fill in the spaces. Remove excess fondant with a spatula and place in freezer for one minute. Gently remove from mold, dust with GSA Super Pearl Dust and adhere to the bottom of the cake with a waterbrush.

Step 4


Tint a portion of gumpaste with Deep Pink Soft Gel Paste. On a lightly greased surface, roll out a thin piece of the colored gumpaste. Dust with cornstarch and texture using the Diamond Rolling Pin by GSA. Cut out two pieces of fondant for sides of purse using the curved cutter from the JEM Clutch Bag Cutters set. Pinch fondant together on one end to form pleats and place on formers included in cutter set until set.

When ready, place a little gumglue on the inner base and side edges of one side of the bag. Attach the two sides of the bag, forming a stable base for the bag to stand on. Dust with GSA Super Pearl Dust.

Make a 50/50 mixture of gumpaste and Satin Ice dark chocolate rolled fondant. Roll out, leaving the paste as thick as the handle cutter will allow. Cut out two handles. Use a pin tool to remove the cut-outs. Adhere to the bag using a waterbrush.

Finishing Touches

Color premade Starburst on Wire with various GSA pearl/luster dusts and paint with a mix of twinkle dust and clear alcohol. Tape wires together using White Floral Tape and place onto the cake. Roll out a thin piece of colored gumpaste on a nonstick board. Cut out letters using Script Upper Case Letter Clikstix and Script Lower Case Letter Clikstix letters. Gently press sides of the cutter to remove the letters. Color with a mix of twinkle dust and clear alcohol. Adhere to the cake with a waterbrush or a little gumglue.

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