THE PRO MAT Vinyl Fondant Mat 30 x 30 inch

THE PRO MAT Vinyl Fondant Mat 30 x 30 inch

Product ID: 29259

Price: $39.99

THE PRO MAT Vinyl Fondant Mat 30 x 30 inch.

The ultimate fondant application system. Makes rolling out fondant quick and easy for every skill level! Powder-free method keeps work space clean and maintains freshness of fondant. Professional porcelain-like finish with every application. Largest mat on the market measuring 30 x 30 inches and will cover up to a 20 inch cake!   Effortlessly roll your fondant between the two food-grade pieces of plastic.  Remove one side and lay fondant over your cake.  Peel away the remaining side of plastic for an easy transfer to your cake.

THE ONLY FOOD SAFE VINYL FONDANT MAT AVAILABLE - This patent pending 2-mat system is a revolutionary way to roll out and cover cakes with fondant. Use this Food Safe tool and our method to make a Fondant cake and get professional results instantly! EVERYONE from beginner to seasoned decorator will turn out professional results the first time and every time.

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