Tylose Powder by CAI

Tylose Powder by CAI

Tylose Powder by CAI

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Tylose Powder by CAI.

This product can be used in place of Gum Tragacanth in gumpaste in the exact same proportions. It is the same product as CMC. This will give you a gumpaste that is pure white in color and very easy to work with. Weight-2 ounces. Certified Kosher by the Hartford Kashrut Commission.

Tylose can be used with fondant to make a quick transition to gumpaste. Add 1-2 teaspoons of Tylose powder to 1 pound of fondant. Dry humidity, less Tylose - High humidity, more Tylose. Knead it in and let it rest overnight before using for best results. It can be used immediately, if necessary. Tylose also makes a wonderful edible liquid glue to attach fondant decorations and pearls to the sides of a fondant covered cake.

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