Yoga Silhouette Cutter Set

Yoga Silhouette Cutter Set

Product ID: 33884

Price: $16.29

Yoga Silhouette Cutter Set by Patchwork Cutters

Find your inner peace with the new Yoga Silhouette Set.  Create stunning cake side designs and toppers with this yoga themed Cutter / Embosser set, developed by Marion Frost.  The set includes 12 popular asanas, perfect for any Yoga fan, ranging from 1-1/2 x 2 inches to 1-1/4 x 4 inches.

Patchwork Cutters are beautifully detailed shallow cutters that work best for embossing designs into rolled fondant icing or creating cut-out decorations using thinly rolled Mexican Paste or very firm gumpaste.  Mexican Paste, item #23300  works best for cut-outs.  These cutters are not designed to cut out cookie dough or rolled fondant.


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