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Stenciled Wedding Cookies

Here comes the bride, the groom and the ring! These beautiful fondant-covered, stenciled sugar cookies will be the hit of any shower or wedding celebration!

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Stenciled Wedding Cookie

Getting Started

Step 1

Make sugar cookie recipe according to Bride and Groom Cookie Cutter and Stencil Set by Designer Stencils instructions. Cut out cookies for bride and groom with heart cutter included in set. Cut out diamond ring cookies using Wedding Ring Cookie Cutter by GSA. Bake and allow to cool completely.

Step 2


Roll out white rolled fondant icing with a rolling pin. Cut fondant with heart-shaped cutter. Brush cookie with light corn syrup and attach fondant to cookie.

Make royal icing according to package directions (reserve a portion of white icing for bride cookie). Tint remaining icing with Super Black SoftGel Paste by Americolor. Use an Ateco Icing Spreader and work with one cookie at a time. Use one hand to hold the groom's tuxedo stencil firmly against the fondant-covered cookie. Make sure the stencil is lying completely flush against the cookie. Spread a thin layer of black royal icing over the openings in the stencil. Apply icing no thicker than the depth of the stencil. Do not move the stencil while applying the icing or the finished pattern will be blurred.

Step 3


Tint fondant with Ivory Soft Gel Paste by Americolor. Roll out tinted fondant and cut with heart cutter. Remove excess using neckline stencil as a guide, cutting edges cleanly with heart-shaped cutter. Brush neckline piece with corn syrup and apply to cookie.

Roll out white fondant and cut with heart cutter. Remove top portion of neckline using stencil as a guide, cutting fondant with a teardrop spatula. Brush cookie with corn syrup and apply dress portion below neckline. Place lace stencil over bodice portion of dress. Following instructions above, apply white royal icing to stencil. Sprinkle icing with Snow White Twinkle Dust by GSA before removing stencil. Lift stencil away slowly to keep pattern from blurring.

Step 4


Roll out white fondant. Cut with wedding ring cookie cutter. Brush wedding ring cookie with corn syrup and apply fondant overlay. Dust with Super Pearl Dust by GSA. Tint a portion of royal icing with Soft Pink Soft Gel Paste by Americolor. Using black and pink royal icing, stencil your choice of Wedding Doves Cookie Stencil Set by Designer Stencils onto wedding ring. Stencil desired initials from Script Monogram Stencil Set by Designer Stencils in center of "ring". Dust gem portion of ring with Dove Grey Petal Dust by GSA. Moisten with a waterbrush, and sprinkle with White Glitter Flakes.

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